Middle School Boys Devo #3

Hello again middle school guys, I miss you all and I hope and pray you are all staying safe. Since we have been three weeks without sports, I have been itching for some athletic activity, so I have been hitting plastic golf balls in my  front yard....(pretty sad, I know). I've also played several games of trash-ket-ball and I am getting pretty good at shooting my fade-away jumper into the trashcan.🤣 

Read Psalm 103
Hymn for this week : 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord), and How Great Thou Art

So often praising God can be something we forget to do. We can get so caught up in only prayers of supplication (asking God for something) that we forget to praise and thank God for all of the mighty things He has done. Now this is not to say it is bad to ask God for something, we are called in Scripture to "present our requests to God " (Phil. 4:6); it is a good thing to pray a request to God. However, we often forget to give God praise and thanksgiving and sorta treat Him like Santa (only asking for things).

To help us with this, the Psalmist (David) reminds us to praise God! He lists some of the mighty things God has done as a reminder to us and himself that God is deserving and worthy of all our praise. David writes this Psalm to himself by saying " Bless the LORD, O MY soul. " If even the great King David, "a man after God's own heart" needs reminding to praise God, we do to!

So, going forward, I challenge you young men to not forget about praising God (I challenge myself too). Thank Him for Jesus, for salvation, for the Bible,  the food you eat, the roof you live under, your parents and families, your church, medicine, the ability to still get and education, and all of the endless other things He has given us.

In Christ,

Billy Pierce


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