Girls' Devotion for 3/31

March 31, 2020


Read Psalm 118

Maybe you were like me growing up and focused most of your prayer life on just naming blessings and gifts the Lord had given you. I really wasn’t good at remembering my sins, or I just didn’t want to remember the wrongdoings of my heart. But when it came to remember the things I was thankful to the Lord for, it seemed to come a little easier. This Psalm can help us remember how thankful we are to the LORD, or as He is known to his covenant people, Yahweh. During times where we doubt the Lord’s goodness to us, we have a Psalm here that says in verse 1, “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!” Just think, His love for us, His love that never quits and never can become unglued to you, is why we can approach Him in prayer. Take time today to read the many things in this Psalm that the writer is thankful for. Write them out so you can see it visibly why the writer is thankful to Yahweh.

1)      We read in verse 5 of distress. What kind of distress could the writer have had? What distress do you have today that you need to cry for help from the LORD?

2)      Verse 8 & 9 talk about the LORD being a refuge. Take time to look up what the definition of refuge is. How is your heavenly Father a refuge for you today? Why can that be a reason to be thankful?

3)      How can salvation be a song for God’s people in times of distress? Look at verses 14-22.

Instead of song/hymn, write down reminders of God’s love you have seen/experienced/read.


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