Girls' devotion!

Hey everyone!
All my middle school peeps (girls <3) I have started to write brief little devotions for you to enjoy and dig deeper while we are not always able to meet. Don’t we always say we don’t have enough time? And now WE DO! (between Disney + and all the chores).  So each Tuesday and Thursday morning, I’ll post on Google Classroom a passage to read through, a little to ponder, and a few questions for you to think through maybe even journal through 😊 Sometimes when hard things come, it’s easy for us to lose focus on who God is and our relationship with Him. Over the next few weeks we will go through Psalms of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication (aka asking the Lord to act).
Know that I along with your other youth staffers miss your faces and time together.

Tuesday March 24, 2020:
Read Psalm 111:
This Psalm is one that not only draws us into adoring the Lord, but also it does lead us to thankfulness for all HE alone has done for us. Can you even imagine our lives if we weren’t His? Maybe you are wondering through whether you are truly HIS. In this passage, the writer takes us through reflection on HIS majesty and victory over ALL things. Take time today to reflect and pray through this Psalm:
  1. The word “works” is used many times throughout this Psalm. How are God’s works good today? Even as you sit at home, doing school, maybe even anxious, how are His works in our lives and and others GOOD?
  2. In verse 9, the writer says “He sent redemption to his people; he has commanded his covenant forever, Holy and awesome is his name!” What does it mean for God to be Holy? How are we able to be Holy? (ref. Psalm 119:9; Philippians 2:5) Why is it sometimes hard to seek holiness?
Hymn of Adoration: Holy, Holy, Holy

Thursday March 26, 2020:

Read Psalm 51:
You may be wondering why during an pandemic, you would still need to be concerned about confession of sins. Well, I would encourage you to look back at the past week. I know for me, I have been left to realizing how wicked my thoughts are. While I am cocooned in my house, safe from the world  , I am “prone to wander.” And that wandering is what ultimately leads to maybe sins I don’t ever have to tell anyone about. But here’s the thing, our Psalm writer (David) knows just how bad and wicked our sinful hearts are. He wove the web of deception with Bathsheba, remember (2 Samuel 7)? We need to address the sins that no one knows about, but because of the Holy Spirit’s work (PRAISE GOD!) we do!
1)      In your own words, write out (or say aloud) what it means to be a sinner and how God’s mercy is healing (it’s highlighted in vs. 1-4).

2)      According to this Psalm in entirety, what then are we to do once we have confessed our sins to our heavenly Father?

3)      We never like being weak and broken girls, but how can vs. 17 comfort you today?

Today enjoy the words of one of our favorite songs Be Thou My Vision


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