Girls' Devo #6

April 9, 2020

Read Isaiah 53

For today I wanted to venture into Isaiah to explore where the prophet discusses the Messiah. Have you ever read Isaiah and thought, "Wow, how did he know exactly what was going to happen with Jesus?" It's so uncanny except that it is the inspired written word of God. Maybe we shouldn't be so surprised. As you read this passage for a second time, focus on the list of actions and things that Jesus faced that were really meant for us sinners. But by the grace of God, Jesus took all of it on Himself.

1)Verse 5 is sometimes hard to unpack. Why is it that Jesus would take our transgressions upon himself?

2) We read in verse 7 of the "lamb" being led to the slaughter. How is Christ the lamb of God?

3) Sometimes we forget Jesus didn't just happen upon crucifixion. Read verse 10 and write in your own words.

Hymn to reflect on these Maundy Thursday and Good Friday: What Wondrous Love is This


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