Girls' Devo #7

April 14, 2020

Read Psalm 91

At this point, we have been at this quarantine thing for over a month. Wow! When I read this Psalm, something major jumped out from the pages of scripture. If we dwell with God, we are safe. Safety is something we hold close to our hearts. We long to be in places of security and with people who make us feel safe. What we learn from the Psalm is that we have a God who gives His people ultimate safety and security. If eternal life is true safety, we can have a much better view of our circumstances currently. Earthly security doesn't beat eternal security that is found only in Christ.

1)As you read this Psalm, what does trusting in God look like? How does trusting and dwelling with God go together?

2) What's a refuge? How does seeing God as a refuge affect your trust in Him?

3) What complicates our trusting and dwellings with God? Why?


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