Girls' Devotion #4

April 2, 2020

Supplication/Request to God:

Read Psalm 6

There is something so amazing about trust when it comes to a family. If you can remember, when you were little, you most likely knew that your parents or parent would give you anything you truly needed. As we get older, it becomes harder to admit that we have needs. However, we have a heavenly Father who graciously give us exactly what we need. But this is is also a relationship. As God's children, through the Holy Spirit we can ask God the Father to hear our needs. The Psalmist here clearly understands this to be true. He holds no emotion, no need (whether big or small) back from his crying out. 

1) What are a few specific things the Psalmist is asking of God?

2) Compare verse 6 with Romans 8:26. How can our moanings/groanings of the heart be a way of supplication?

3)Pray through the things the Psalmist is asking of God and make them specific to you.


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